Not All Shred Companies Are the Same

I-Shred can respond on a much shorter notice than the competition – no appointment waits. Why? Because our shred cycle is so much shorter. Our truck capacity allows us to get in and out much quicker.

Let’s say you have 500 boxes, or 15,000 pounds, to be shredded.

We come to your site, shred for 2 hours, then we’re gone. Our truck can handle that amount of volume in one quick trip.

The other guys’ trucks can only shred 3500 pounds per hour and their trucks can only handle a maximum of 9000 pounds of paper. They shred for three hours, then drive to the recycling plant where they dispose of the paper. They drive back to your place and shred for another 1-1/2 hours. Adding drive time, your entire day can be eaten up.

Our end product is better, too. Most plant-based shredding operations use large machines that shred the paper into regularly sized strips. Our mobile shredder uses a series of interlocking knives to pierce and tear the paper into small, irregular shreds. Because the pressure exerted on the paper is over 2500 pounds per square inch, the shredded material looks almost like popcorn with pages of different documents torn to bits and pressed together. Hard drives, CDs, DVDs, floppy discs are all reduced to confetti-sized pieces of metal and plastic.

That’s how we compare.