Recurring Service

I-Shred offers scheduled onsite document destruction to help protect your customers from identity theft and your company from fines or penalties for violating the law. I-Shred will place locked containers in your workspace to securely store confidential information until its scheduled destruction onsite or sooner if need be.

Non-Paper Shredding

Our truck can shred quantities of plastic media onsite so you are assured of their destruction. That includes CDs, DVDs, back up tapes, floppies, credit, debit, gift and rewards cards and more. Want to keep confiscated, defective, obsolete and unlicensed material out of the marketplace? We can destroy it where it is stored and recycle or dispose of the material for you. Have large quantities of hard drives that need to be destroyed and witnessed by staff?  They can watch the hard drives being crushed on a video screen on the truck. If you have a big job, we have a big shredder.

Documents to be shredded include:

Items to be shredded include:

For more answers about record retention, visit The Association of Information Management Professionals at

For more answers about information destruction visit The National Association for Information Destruction at

I-Shred is a secure document destruction service provider that relieves you and your employees from the tedium of the shredding machine and increases the security with which you treat confidential information, both yours and someone else’s. We are locally owned and operated.

Our objective is to make it easier for you to follow both the laws and sound business practices by isolating and destroying outdated or surplus forms and documents. Please see our “What to Shred” page for a list of what should be destroyed before it is discarded.

We want to give you the friendly personal service of a small company with the performance, benefits and value of a big company. We will help you identify the challenges to the custody and disposal of your confidential information on-site and make recommendations that will improve the security of this information.

We offer on site document destruction on a one-time or a recurring basis. For recurring accounts, we can schedule a regular appointment or come out on an as-needed basis. All material is recycled. After your material is destroyed, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction that signifies your compliance with the various directives concerning your custody of personal information.